Sermons at St. Philip's

The act and art of preaching “the Word of God” is one of the more difficult tasks a priest faces. How do you explain the purpose of the reading? How does it relate to our modern way of life? What can we learn from the reading? What is God trying to say through the words of Men?

Hearing and meditating on the Sunday sermon is one of the central guides in St. Philip’s worship and life, along with the Holy Eucharist.  Our priest works hard to listen to the Eternal and relate it to the Now, and take ancient Biblical texts and apply them to modern contexts.

To increase our ability to listen and learn from our weekly readings, they are supplied to you before the Service. To read and pray on.  We also try to link the readings to scholarly works, and thoughts on the same to help you understand, think, question, and learn from the Bible.


Please click here: This Week's Sermon to read the sermon online.


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