Who was the first female bishop in the AME Church?

How many female bishops are in the AME Church?

The AME Church has never had any women among the 20 bishops thatgovern it during the four-year intervals between generalconferences. It is the oldest U.S. black denomination and has 2.3million members in the United States, Canada, England, Africa andthe Caribbean region.

How many children does Vashti McKenzie have?

McKenzie and her husband, Stan McKenzie, live in Dallas, Texas. They have three children: Jon-Mikael, Jasmine, and Jo-Marie.

How much does an AME bishop make?

Once elected, bishops serve until retirement. The job comes with a salary that is usually more than $100,000, and other perquisites include paid housing and travel costs, and a car and driver. But some of the candidates who are pastors at large, influential churches already live with such perks. The A.M.E.

How old is Vashti Murphy McKenzie?

74 года (28 мая 1947)
Вашти Мерфи Маккензи/Возраст
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