Which gospel is Jesus Christ Superstar based on?

Loosely based on the Gospels of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, Superstar follows the last week of Jesus Christ’s life. The story, told entirely through song, explores the personal relationships and struggles between Jesus, Judas, Mary Magdalene, his disciples, his followers and the Roman Empire.

What was the inspiration for Jesus Christ Superstar?

What was the inspiration for Jesus Christ Superstar? The show is the brainchild of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice, both British musical theatre stalwarts. Coming up with the idea when they were in their early twenties, they were inspired to approach the story of Jesus through Judas.

Who wrote the book for Jesus Christ Superstar?

The hit musical Jesus Christ Superstar was endorsed for the first time by the Vatican yesterday – ending three decades of Roman Catholic ire against its authors, Tim Rice and Lord Lloyd-Webber. “I am very surprised and very happy,” said Rice, who wrote the lyrics. …

Which came first Godspell or Jesus Christ Superstar?

Both originated in 1971 as theatrical productions: Godspell as a popular Off-Broadway work written by John-Michael Tebelak with music and lyrics by Stephen Schwartz, Jesus Christ Superstar as a West End and Broadway presentation based on a rock opera album by Andrew Lloyd Weber and Tim Rice.

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Is Andrew Lloyd Webber Catholic?

In a 1971 interview with The New York Times, Lloyd Webber said he is an agnostic. He also said he views Jesus as “one of the great figures of history”.

Which gospel is Godspell based on?

An adaption of the musical, in a modern-day song-and-dance recreation of the Gospel of St. Matthew.

What does the word Godspell mean?

In biblical literature: Meaning of the term gospel. …is derived from the Anglo-Saxon godspell (“good story”). The classical Greek word euangelion means “a reward for bringing of good news” or the “good news” itself.

What is the story behind Godspell?

What Is the Story of Godspell? The show is composed of various musical parables from The Gospel According to Matthew. Jesus Christ recruits a group of followers and teaches them various lessons through song and dance.