What are some old gospel songs?

What are the 10 most popular gospel songs?

Best Gospel Songs: 20 Rousing Sanctified Evergreens

  • 6: Mary Don’t You Weep. …
  • 5: His Eye Is On The Sparrow. …
  • 4: When The Saints Go Marching In. …
  • 3: Oh Happy Day. …
  • 2: Precious Lord, Take My Hand. …
  • 1: Amazing Grace. …
  • You’ve heard the best gospel songs, now see what Mica Paris had to say to Dig! about her stunning album Gospel.

What is the number 1 gospel song of all time?


  • CD 1: I smile / Kirk Franklin.
  • Every praise / Hezekiah Walker.
  • I can only imagine / Tamela Mann.
  • I believe / James Fortune & FIYA feat. …
  • Nobody greater / VaShawn Mitchell.
  • I want to say thank you / Lisa Page Brooks feat. …
  • I need your glory / Earnest Pugh.
  • In the middle / Isaac Carree.

What are some old black gospel songs?

“The great old spirituals often make great gospel songs.

  • “The Old Ship of Zion” by The Mighty Wonders of Aquasco, Maryland (1972)
  • “Amen” by Wings over Jordan (1953)
  • “I Won’t Be Back” by The Caravans (1962)
  • “Over My Head” by Wings Over Jordan (1953)
  • “There’s a Tree on Each Side of the River” by The Davis Sisters (1957)
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Which is the most popular gospel?

Spirituals & Gospel: The Most Famous Gospel Songs

  • Oh My LordMahalia Jackson.
  • Go Down MosesSammy Price & the Blues Singers.
  • Moan, You MoanersBessie Smith.
  • Going Back with JesusHeavenly Gospel Singers.
  • The Prodigal SonGolden Eagle Gospel Singers.
  • He Never Said a Mumblin’ WordThe Golden Gate Quartet.

What are some popular black gospel hymns?

The ‘Heaven 11’: Gospel Music Expert Lists 11 Most Influential Black Gospel Songs

  1. 1. “ Movin’ on Up (A Little Higher)” …
  2. 2. “ Take My Hand, Precious Lord” …
  3. 3. “ Oh Happy Day” …
  4. 4. “ The Reason Why We Sing” …
  5. 5. “ People Get Ready” …
  6. 6. “ We Shall Overcome” …
  7. 7. “ Peace Be Still” …
  8. 8. “ How I Got Over”

Who is the best female gospel singer?

Several of the Winans women are considered among the top female gospel singers in the world – and possibly of all time. The family includes CeCe Winans and Vickie Winans.

Who is the most famous gospel singer?


  • 1 Amy Grant44%
  • 2 CeCe Winans33%
  • 3 Mahalia Jackson32%
  • 4 Ruben Studdard29%
  • 5 Kirk Franklin29%
  • 6 Chris Tomlin25%
  • 7 Casting Crowns25%
  • 8 MercyMe24%

Who is the greatest gospel singer?

Mahalia Jackson, known as “The World’s Greatest Gospel Singer,” she was a civil rights activist, Gospel’s first international million-selling artist s (during the era of 45’s) and one of the most gifted contraltos to ever sing a note of praise.

What is the most listened to worship song?

2019 Top 10 Most Popular Worship Songs In Churches

  • Great Are You Lord, All Sons & Daughters.
  • Who You Say I Am, Hillsong Worship.
  • How Great is Our God, Chris Tomlin.
  • Good, Good Father, Chris Tomlin.
  • In Christ Alone, Stuart Townend, Brian Getty, Kristian Stanfill, Passion.
  • Living Hope, Phil Wickham.
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Which gospel should I read?

The best order to read the Gospels in the New Testament is to start with the Gospel of Mark. Mark covers all the essentials of the life of Jesus but does not require as much historical or theological background knowledge as the other Gospels. It is also the shortest of the Gospels.