Can people be named after gods?

Is it disrespectful to name someone after a God?

While you can take on names inspired by them, it’s arguably disrespectful to just outright name yourself after a deity in most any religion. The Orishas are… … The Orishas are revered, but they aren’t worshipped.

Can I name my child after Greek gods?

Naming your child after a Greek god or goddess was strange and unheard of as it expressed excessive amounts of shameful confidence. … Instead, it was common for children to be named adjectives relating to specific gods – for example, Artemisia (of Artemis) or Demetrios (belonging to Demeter).

Is it disrespectful to name a child after a deity?

It’s considered hubris and in bad taste to take the name of a god. However, theophoric names were/are common – i.e., names that are derived from and reflective of a deity.

Did Greeks name their kids after the gods?

Very many Greeks bore names derived from those of gods. … All the major gods except the god of war, Ares, and gods associated with the underworld (Persephone, Hades, Plouton [= Latin Pluto]) generated theophoric names, as did some lesser gods (rivers in particular) and heroes.

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Can I name my child God?

Go for it! In spite of these famous names, you can’t actually name your child anything you want—at least in the United States. Although the right to choose your child’s name is protected by the Due Process Clause of the Fourteenth Amendment, most states do have some restrictions in place that might surprise you.

Is Zeus a name?

The name Zeus is primarily a male name of Greek origin that means God. Supreme God of the Olympians. Roman name:Jupiter (from Deus pater, God the father).

Can you name a girl Aphrodite?

Aphrodite Origin and Meaning

The name Aphrodite is a girl’s name of Greek origin. The name of the Greek goddess of love has rarely descended to mortal use, though the Roman equivalent Venus, thanks to tennis star Williams, now seems completely possible.

Do Greek people name their kids after gods?

Not exactly. Ancient Greek names based on those of the gods were always adjectival in form: Demetrios (“belonging to/pertaining to Demeter”), Apollonios (“of Apollo “), Artemisia (“of Artemis”). Nobody would ever have dreamed of giving their child the actual name of the god – far too hubristic.

Can you name yourself after a deity?

Most Hindus are named after a deity. However, the individuals in question must be Hindu. No Christians or Muslims naming themselves after Hindu deities is acceptable — because both Christianity and Islam are against Hinduism/polytheists/etc. in the core of their religions.

Can I name my kid Odin?

Odin Origin and Meaning

The name Odin is a boy’s name of Norse origin meaning “god of frenzy; poetic fury”. … The god Odin was referred to by more than 200 names, including Yggr, Sigfodr, and Alfodr — none of which is recommended.

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Do Greeks name their children after gods?

Ancient Greek naming customs were also used to honor the pantheon of Greek gods and goddesses, with many children being named in their favor. … For example, Ancient Greeks would name their children “Dionysios” after the god “Dionysos,” modifying the name into adjectival form.

What should you not name your child?

Apostrophes, hyphens, periods and spaces are okay. You can have apostrophes, hyphens and spaces in a name, but they can’t be consecutive. Also, Baby, Babyboy, Babygirl, Baby Boy, Baby Girl, Infant, Test, Unk and Void are invalid entries in the data entry system. Derogatory or obscene names are banned in California.

Did Egyptians name their children after gods?

Like many other cultures, Egyptian names are often rooted in religion, with many children named directly after gods. … Egyptian girl names, meanwhile, are more likely to reference personal qualities, or they may be a reference to a historical figure, such as ‘wife of X. ‘

How do I write my name in Greek?

The easiest way is to find a Greek letter that corresponds to the pronunciation of your Greek name. For example, if your name is “Maya,” you can use the letters Μά for “ma,” and για for “ya.” You just need to put them together and write Μάγια for “Maya.”

What is the most common Greek last name?

Most Common Last Names In Greece

Rank Surname Incidence
1 Papadopoulos 59,044
2 Papadopoulou 37,804
3 Papageorgiou 23,713
4 Oikonomou 21,370