Why is the Eucharist important to Christians?

Significance of the Eucharist. The Eucharist has formed a central rite of Christian worship. All Christians would agree that it is a memorial action in which, by eating bread and drinking wine (or, for some Protestants, grape juice or water), the church recalls what Jesus Christ was, said, and did.

Why is celebrating the Eucharist important for Christians?

The most important act of worship for many Christians is the Eucharist. … Christians celebrate it to remember Jesus’ last night with his disciples before his capture and crucifixion. The bread and wine used in the ceremony help Christians to remember Jesus, as he wished to be remembered, and to feel part of him.

Why Eucharist is important in our life?

For most Christians today the Eucharist, or Lord’s Supper or communion is a very special and important occasion where they remember the life, death and resurrection of Jesus. … Christians believe that through the Holy Spirit Jesus is still with them and can offer those help and advice in times of difficulty and trouble.

Why is the Eucharist important GCSE?

The most important element of the Eucharist is the bread and the wine, but there are varying beliefs about the roles of these items. Belief 1 – Catholics believe that the bread and the wine become the actual flesh and blood of Jesus Christ. … The bread and wine are seen as symbolic of Jesus’ death.

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Why is Eucharist the most important sacrament?

Receiving the Eucharist is one of the most important things we can do as a catholic. Holy Communion is the most important of all the sacraments. … The bread and wine we receive at communion is the body and blood of Jesus. It becomes the bread and body of Jesus through Transubstantiation.

Why did Jesus give us the Eucharist?

The Eucharist is the very sacrifice of the Body and Blood of the Lord Jesus which he instituted to perpetuate the sacrifice of the cross throughout the ages until his return in glory. Thus he entrusted to his Church this memorial of his death and Resurrection.

Why is the Eucharist the most important prayer?

The liturgy of the Eucharist is the high point of the mass celebration. … The eucharistic prayer follows, in which the holiness of God is honoured, his servants are acknowledged, the Last Supper is recalled, and the bread and wine are consecrated.

How does the Eucharist bring us together?

The Eucharist when we remember Jesus is about us going out and living the legacy of Jesus and passing it on to others. … The Eucharist can be a time to reflect on ourselves and bring a community together through the sharing of bread, much like the last supper.

How does Eucharist connect us to God?

When we receive the Eucharist, we unite ourselves with Christ’s sacrifice and become part of the mystical body of Christ, the people of God. Because of this reality, we are asked by the Church to examine ourselves before receiving Christ in the Eucharistic substance of the bread.

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What happens when we receive the Eucharist?

When you receive Holy Communion, you’re intimately united with Jesus Christ — he literally becomes part of you. Also, by taking Holy Communion, you express your union with all Catholics who believe the same doctrines, obey the same laws, and follow the same leaders.

How does the Eucharist nourish and enrich your life?

Just as material food nourishes us to grow physically, the Eucharist provides essential nourishment so that we can grow in our spiritual life. It separates us from sin by strengthening us in charity. The Eucharist washes away past venial sins and strengthens us against committing sins in the future.