What episode is Happy Birthday Jesus sorry your party’s so lame?

Sorry Your Party’s So Lame. “Back to Work” month continues this week with a discussion about all seven Christmas episodes of the American version of “The Office”!

How many bottles of vodka did Michael Scott buy?

To make up for ruining the Christmas party, Michael buys 15 bottles of vodka, which results in alcohol-fueled antics, such as Kelly (Mindy Kaling) randomly kissing Dwight, much to the dismay of Angela (Angela Kinsey).

How do you say happy birthday to Jesus Party?

Tips, Resources, and Encouragement for the Busy Educator

  1. Bake a Jesus birthday cake (we make it on Christmas Eve)
  2. Decorate the house with balloons and an advent chain.
  3. Play Pin the Hay in the Manger (scroll down)
  4. Make a birthday card for Jesus with a heart on it.
  5. Buy some fun Jesus birthday hats.

What is the funniest episode on The Office?

We’re Ranking the 35 Funniest Episodes of The Office (That’s What She Said)

  • “Diversity Day” The Office Season 1, Episode 2. …
  • “The Alliance” The Office Season 1, Episode 4. …
  • “The Dundies” The Office Season 2, Episode 1. …
  • “Office Olympics” The Office Season 2, Episode 3. …
  • “The Fight” The Office Season 2, Episode 6.
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Why was Angela crying in Christmas party?

The scene wherein Angela starts crying when the Christmas party descends into chaos was based on a deleted scene from the earlier season two episode “The Fire”, in which Angela starts crying during a talking head due to the stress of the situation.

What is the best Office episode ever?

The Job. This is hands down the Rainn Wilson show when Dwight gets to live his wildest dream of becoming the regional manager of the Scranton branch for a day. The rest of the cast also deliver in this episode that sees Jim, Karen and Michael interview for the corporate job in New York.

What is the most watched episode of The Office?

Ratings. In its original American broadcast on February 1, 2009, “Stress Relief” was viewed by 22.9 million viewers in 13.34 million homes, according to Nielsen Media Research, making it the most watched episode of The Office and the only episode to reach over 20 million viewers.

Which is the Best Friends episode?

24 best and funniest Friends episodes, ranked

  • The One With Ross’ Wedding: Part 2 (season 4, episode 24) …
  • The One With the Prom Video (season 2, episode 14) …
  • The One With Ross’ Tan (season 10, episode 3) …
  • The One With All the Thanksgivings (season 5, episode 8) …
  • The One With Ross’ Teeth (season 6, episode 8)

Who got Angela the baby poster?

The baby poster that causes Oscar so much grief in the future has an origin story. It was bought for Angela by Toby as a Secret Santa gift.

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Who was Angela’s Secret Santa?

Secret Santa

Santa Intended recipient Final recipient
Toby Angela Angela
Phyllis Michael ?
Stanley Kelly Kelly*
Oscar Creed Jim

What Jim calls Yankee Swap?

In The Office Season 2 episode, Christmas Party, the office originally plays Secret Santa, but when Michael is unhappy with the gift Phyllis gives him (a homemade oven mitt), he changes the game to Yankee Swap. Jim: What is Yankee Swap. … Pam: Yeah, we call it White Elephant.