What does elect mean in the Bible KJV?

The Old Testament applies the term “elect” to the Israelites in as far as they are called to be the chosen people, or people of God, or are faithful to their divine call. The idea of such an election is common in Deuteronomy and in Isaiah 40-66.

What does the elect mean biblically?

The New Testament contains 23 different references to the word “elect.” In the Greek, the word translated as “elect” is “eklektos” meaning to be chosen, or selected, for God’s divine purposes.

What does it mean to be an elect lady?

In the revelation, she was designated the “Elect Lady.”An entry in Encyclopedia of Mormonism notes: “[EmmaT was told that her calling was to be a support and comfort to her husband, to continue to act as his scribe, and `to expound scriptures and to exhort the church.

What does elect one mean?

1. used as a verb. Elect is usually a verb. When people elect someone, they choose that person to represent them, by voting for them.

What is the difference between the chosen and the elect?

As verbs the difference between elect and chosen

is that elect is to choose or make a decision (to do something) while chosen is .

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What is an elect lady in the church?

He also read 2 John 1, which references the “elect lady,” and explained that she was “called an Elect lady” because she was “elected to preside.” 21 Joseph stated that “the revelation was then fulfilled by Sister Emma’s Election to the Presidency of the Society.”

Is predestination and election the same thing?

What does election and predestination mean? … Both election and predestination refer to God’s choosing those who will be saved, but the latter term is used in a broader sense as well. This is a difficult biblical doctrine to understand so serious digging into Scripture is required.

What does it mean that God predestined us?

predestination, in Christianity, the doctrine that God has eternally chosen those whom he intends to save. … For those whom he [God] foreknew he also predestined to be conformed to the image of his Son, in order that he might be the firstborn within a large family.

Who is chosen by God?

chosen people, the Jewish people, as expressed in the idea that they have been chosen by God as his special people. The term implies that the Jewish people have been chosen by God to worship only him and to fulfill the mission of proclaiming his truth among all the nations of the world.

Who is 2 John addressed to?

To whom was it written and why? The Second Epistle of John was written to “the elect lady and her children” (2 John 1:1).

How do you use elect?

Meaning of elect in English. to decide on or choose, especially to choose a person for a particular job, by voting: The President is elected for a four-year term of office. [ + as + noun ] We elected him as our representative.

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