What denomination is Solid Rock Church Ohio?

Solid Rock Church in Monroe is a non-denominational church situated right off of I-75. The large place of worship has made headlines as it continues to hold services for its community.

What Religion Is Solid Rock Church?

Plenty of believers subscribe to the Bishops’ conservative, racially inclusive brand of Christianity. Solid Rock has some 3,500 members on the rolls, many of whom attend at least one of three weekly services in a sanctuary built for 2,100.

What does Solid Rock Church believe?

We believe the gospel is God’s good news for the whole world, and we are determined by his grace to obey Christ’s commission to proclaim it to all mankind and to make disciples of every nation. We desire, therefore, to affirm our faith and our resolve, and to make public our covenant.

Who is Lawrence Bishop?

Mark Joseph Lawrence (born March 19, 1950, in Bakersfield, California) is an American bishop. … He has been the bishop of the diocese now known as the Anglican Diocese of South Carolina since 2012.

What county is Solid Rock Church in Ohio?

BUTLER COUNTY, Ohio (WKRC) – A large Tri-State church said it will not close its doors. Most Ohioans are staying inside during the state’s stay at home order, but Solid Rock Church is still holding its Wednesday and Sunday services. Gov. Mike DeWine banned mass gatherings, but with an exception.

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Did Touchdown Jesus get rebuilt?

The statue, nicknamed “Touchdown Jesus” by many drivers whose attention it grabbed along I-75, was rebuilt. Solid Rock Church dedicated the new statue in 2012 following hundreds of thousands of dollars in damage.

How old is Lawrence Bishop?

Battered and bruised, the 48-year-old preacher then picked himself up, climbed to safety and began his sermon.

How old is Darlene Bishop?

Darlene Bishop, 68, said after her husband of 49 years died, there was a “smooth transition” in the church’s leadership.

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