What church does Michael Cochren go to?

Where is Michael Cochren a worship leader?

Singer/songwriter and piano player Michael Cochren hails from Montgomery, Indiana. As a worship leader at his hometown church, Cochren’s piano based soulful pop sound has been influenced by artists such as Billy Joel, NEEDTOBREATHE and Ray Charles.

Where does Michael Cochren live?

Local singer/songwriter Michael Cochren was supposed to be on tour with TobyMac right now but due to COVID-19 restrictions, he’s entertaining fans from a different location — his Montgomery home.

Where is Cochren and company from?

The singer/songwriter and piano player Michael Cochren hails from Montgomery, IN and is releasing his label debut two-song single today.

Who is Michael Cochren?

Michael Cochren is a twenty-four year old singer/songwriter and worship leader from southern Indiana. His music tells stories of hope, grace, and second chances with the …

When was Michael Cochren born?

Michael Cochrane (born September 4, 1948 in Peekskill, New York) is an American jazz pianist who has recorded extensively for SteepleChase Records, as well as Soul Note and Landmark Records. As a sideman, he has recorded with Marvin Peterson, Oliver Lake, Sonny Fortune and Jack Walrath.

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