As Christians we are called on to pray for the sick and those in need.

Please remember the following people in your daily prayers, with these (or similar) words.

O merciful God, we entrust all who are dear to us

to thy never-failing care and love,

Look with pity upon the sorrows and illnesses of thy servants

for whom our prayers are offered.

Remember them, O Lord, in mercy,

nourish their souls with patience, comfort them with a sense of thy goodness,

lift up thy countenance upon them,

send them thy angels to spread their wings over them

to shield and protect them,

and give them peace;

through Jesus Christ our Lord.




David Abere

Ruth Abere

Bishop Daniel Allotey

Dino Amoroso

Felice Bizzaro

Choi-Ling Blakey

Saykar Boodhoo

Joan Brooks

Maria Cantone

Anthony Cantone

Anthony Cappetta

Cintron Family

Sally Cooper

Joseph Cracolici

Elena Cuomo

Marietta Curtis

Jeannie D'Elena

Bob Dennis

Marc DeSiano

Noah DeSiano

Rita DiSchiavi

Karen Emma

Dolly Essex

Nina Fretta

Vincenza Fretta

Barbara Giannettino

Ida Giannettino

Paul ibbons                                  

Mary Hargrove

Mario Iacono

Christopher J.

Anne Marie Lictro

Tiffani Lomuto

Anthony Lynch

Mary Lou Malone

Andree Marshall

Andree Jr.

Marianne Marturano

Phyllis Stock-Morton

Margaret Oswald

Shasa Prishvin

Bishop Lawrence Provenzano 

Sara Ramsaroop

Adriano Santini

Helena Santini

Violet Santini

Erica Savocchi

Ben Spiegel

John Sorensen

Linda Swalling


Eva Venizelos

Brian Ward

John Webster

Barbara Webster

John Whyte
Patricia Whyte


To add your name or the name of a loved one to our prayer list, please contact Terri Moseder by emailing and referencing "Prayers for the Sick and Those in Need," in your subject line. 

If your prayers have been granted, please also notify Terri so that appropriate Thanksgiving can be made during our Sunday Eucharist. 

Thank you.

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