October 29 Dyker Lights meeting

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The Dyker Heights Civic Association and Community Board 10 meeting on the Dyker Lights controversy was a standing room only crowd, packed with local residents, 68 Precinct representatives, and reporters.


The information provided by the presenters did not please the majority of attendees, from comments made by those leaving the meeting.  Many residents complained vocally about the lack of response from city officials, and the recent media "hype" of what they described as a “simple local family-oriented event.” “We use to have a big meal and then put the kids in the stroller and walk around the neighborhood to view the decorations.  Now, there are busloads coming from Manhattan. Who needs it?" One unidentified woman remarked. Others complained of the trash left behind by the crowds, the log jammed traffic, and inconsiderate visitors who urinate on trees and block driveways with parked cars. Others stated that they will no longer decorate their homes in an attempt to stem the tide of viewers, and will encourage others to do the same.

Representatives from the Community Board and Civic Association vow to continue to work to resolve the issues, and to push for additional police and sanitation presence in the areas most affected. They also urged residents to call the 68 precinct to report blocked driveways, and to call 311 to report amplified music as a permit for such amplification is required. Representatives of the 68 Precinct also set forth the NYPD’s response plan for the annual holiday lights.

For additional information contact CB 10 directly at:

Josephine Beckmann

8119 5th Avenue

Brooklyn, NY 11209

Phone: 718-745-6827

Fax: 718-836-2447


Or Dyker Heights Civic Association:

Pres. Fran Vella Marrone


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